elephant self harm

Self Harm - The elephant in the room

Drawn to accompany an article on Self Harm amongst teenagers in New Zealand. This piece takes the phrase used in the article and creates a visual pun.

book cover self harm

This artwork is hand drawn with the aim of expressing the frustration and pain conveyed throughout the article. Cooler colours were chosen to maintain a sense of calm whilst reading about disturbing material

hand drawn arm

This piece explores using the phrase "cut, relief, repeat". This was used by self harmers to explain why they cut themselves. This style was chosen to represent the physical nature of the condition, with the type scratchy mimicking the cutting involved.


I'm a very tidy painter. Why would I want paint drips everywhere?

brent logo

This client is a painter who did not want paint drops, splashes or drips to be associated with his brand.

We decide to create a text based logo with a slight vintage feel. The aim of this was to capture the craftsmanship and training needed to be a professional painter. The colours were chosen to give a conservative safe feeling. The website can be seen here

hand drawn logo

To help make your brand stand out why not create a hand lettered logo. This is a great way to capture your unique voice and style with an original piece.

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